From Marlboros to marathons

Like most war stories, it all started on gravel and dirt. Huffing, puffing and wheezing my way toward a single mile, any attempt to run made my blackened lungs burn and my legs feel as if they’d personally experienced the second rapture of their Lord and Savior, Glycogen Christ. A mere three days before, I had sat stagnant — as I so often did — high atop my regular seat at the bar, sucking down

They say that all’s fair in love and war, but is it still fair if it involves multiple plots for murder and unrequited passions?

A group of talented actors at the Huntsville Community Theatre are set to find out as they present the humorous “Murder at the Howard Johnson’s,” which opens Nov. 11 as the theatre’s second show of the season.

Written by Sam Bobrick and Ron Clark, the

Strung out in the Sand

Just after sunset on Friday night, we found ourselves in the northernmost section of a 45-acre cow pasture, searching for trees, a sturdy fencepost, literally anything that could support the weight of two gingers in a few barely-used camping hammocks. After trolling the fence line, my sister, Rachael, and I, settled for a dusty patch of grass that bore the early, still-fluffy seedlings of the sticker-burs that would become one with my shins and shoes

The “Eighth Wonder of the World” will soon be getting a much-needed makeover as Harris County commissioners voted this week to approve initial funding for a $105 million redevelopment of the Houston Astrodome.

After years of debate which, at times, saw the historic venue and a wrecking ball coming dangerously close together, the first package of funding totaling $10.5 million will be spent on the new project’s design. 

With more than