Wynne Home to celebrate 10th anniversary Friday

For the past decade, the Wynne Home Arts Center has provided a cultural haven for art lovers of all ages in Huntsville and Walker County.

From informative art classes and exciting cultural events, to revolving shows from nationally renowned artists, there always seems to be something new happening at the Wynne Home.

The art center’s staff will be commemorating the center’s 10th anniversary Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., welcoming visitors to the historic home to share in the celebration. 

“This Friday, we’re inviting people just to drop by throughout the day and have a cup of cider with us,” said Linda Pease, the City of Huntsville’s cultural service coordinator. “We’ll have music going and we’ll be giving away small mementos to celebrate.” 

Visitors are welcome to stop by and enjoy a beverage while taking in the painting exhibit that’s currently on display entitled “In the Classic Tradition” by Nancy Hines. Attendees can also tour the home and explore the permanent art fixtures on display as well.

Since the home was gifted to the City of Huntsville in 1998 by way of Mrs. Samuella Palmer, who gave the home individually and as trustee of the Ruth Wynne Hollinstead estate, the historical home has served as a vital cultural resource and a permanent tribute to the Wynne family’s connection to the community and passion for the arts. 

“It was a grand gift from Samuella on behalf of Ruth, who was deceased by the time that the house was given,” Pease said Tuesday. “I am ever thankful that the city accepted it and agreed to the donor’s terms, which stipulated that it be used for cultural activities and historic preservation. That was the first amazing step. 

“In 2006, we moved over here in July, and by that September, we were open. It’s been a grand journey since then. At the time it was planned, we didn’t have another gallery in town except for the galleries at the university. Since then, we’ve just added more and more events and that’s been a really good thing.

“When people walk into this house, especially children, their jaws really do drop,” Pease added. “We have, I think, a really marvelous historic home for people to visit and people love to visit historic homes. We tell the children and anyone who visits that this home belongs to everyone. It’s free to come in and visit and is such a wonderful place to look at art.”

With repairs to the Wynne Home’s roof currently underway, the staff have planned a simple celebration Friday, while looking forward to hosting to a larger, more interactive public event in November. 

“For the celebration on November 19, our intent is to have various tables, booths and tents set up on the grounds so that people can experience art in different ways,” Pease said. 

“We hope to have performances going on as well and the Friends of The Wynne Home have agreed to provide food for the event. We’re looking forward to people coming and enjoying a festival-like atmosphere. We think it will be fun for everyone.

“It was always envisioned that the Wynne Home would become more and more important to the city and I trust that is true because we see so many people, of all different age groups, come and enjoy the home. It’s a splendid place and we’re fortunate to have major American artists come and show work here.”

For more information on the Wynne Home, visit www.wynnehomeartscenter.com or call (936) 291-5424.

Author: Joshua Yates

Interdisciplinary artist Joshua Yates was born in Clearwater, Florida and moved to Houston, Texas at the age of two. He has received Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees with Highest Honors in Photography and Studio Art from Sam Houston State University while completing his Undergraduate Honors Dissertation in Performance Art Studies. With more than 10 years of experience behind the lens and a proven track record for enhancing digital and social media outlets, Yates has a passion for multi-platform journalism and visual communication in the digital space. He currently works as a Linux administrator for HostGator in downtown Houston.

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