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For many artists, the process of simply making work exists as their primary passion. Few get into the arts with guarantees of money, fame or fortune. Their goal is simply to make work that speaks and hope that someone hears it.

For local artist Semone Robinson, her hard work has translated into an opportunity that every artist dreams about — a chance to show in New York.

Robinson began drawing in 1995 and her bold and colorful works show the fruits of her experimentation in a variety of mediums. Without any formal training, Robinson honed her craft through trial and error and a process she call “automatic writing.”

“I never know what I’m going to draw until I sit down to draw it,” Robinson said. “It’s just something that comes natural and I consider a gift from God.”

Without a set plan in place for her abstractions, Robinson lets the work flow naturally, selecting the colors, forms and elements from her current mood at the time.

“All of these works are done by feeling, I feel a color and I put it in,” Robinson added.

After two decades of creating, Robinson’s perseverance landed her a massive opportunity to show her work in the prestigious Cavin-Morris Gallery in New York.

In October, the gallery will feature a large sampling of her work from her current exhibition “20 Years,” which has been on display at Huntsville’s Crazywood Gallery for a full year.

“I’m very excited about showing in New York, it really is like a dream to sign with a gallery and I’m really looking forward to that,” Robinson said. “I’ve spoken with galleries in California and Chicago, and I really hope to carry my exhibit to different cities.”

As with any creative practice, it often takes the support and encouragement of friends and family to truly realize one’s full potential. Robinson found that support in longtime Huntsville resident John Smither, who hosted her initial exhibition at his Crazywood Gallery and has been a champion of her work for quite sometime.

“It’s been an honor to know Semone,” Smither said. “I’ve known her 21 years now and this show is a perfect retrospective of her work. We worked together on a catalog and during this show, we were able to connect her with the Cavin-Morris Gallery. We’re so excited that she’s going to have her show in New York.

“I don’t think people understand how rare it is to have a self-taught visionary artist,” Smither added. “In her work, you can see that feral influence that you get in the outsider, self-taught art group. It’s so wonderful that she has been inspired living in Huntsville and has a chance to have her work understood and collected by a broader audience.”

A catalog of Robinson’s work is available at

Author: Joshua Yates

Interdisciplinary artist Joshua Yates was born in Clearwater, Florida and moved to Houston, Texas at the age of two. He has received Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees with Highest Honors in Photography and Studio Art from Sam Houston State University while completing his Undergraduate Honors Dissertation in Performance Art Studies. With more than 10 years of experience behind the lens and a proven track record for enhancing digital and social media outlets, Yates has a passion for multi-platform journalism and visual communication in the digital space. He currently works as a Linux administrator for HostGator in downtown Houston.

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